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LaShonda Bracey


LaShonda Bracey is a serial entrepreneur, author, sought-after training, guru and creative visionary. As CEO & President of Health-Works and ASAP Training and Course Development, this inspiring entrepreneur is making strides in the world of government training and consulting and beyond. Since starting two training firms and working with hundreds of clients all around the country, she has built a solid reputation as an astute deal-maker for top federal and private sector agencies, executives and every day individuals seeking to build and improve their learning portfolios. This ambitious leader brings unique perspective and experience, and continues to overcome obstacles and blaze new trails daily.

LaShonda was born and raised in Southwest, Michigan and began her climb to success when she was only seven-years-old. She developed her knack for negotiation and entrepreneurship by doing hair and nails in her parents home. When most girls were busy with their dolls, she was more interested in playing “mogul,” creating clients and connections, to-do lists and delegating.

Fast forward a few years later, LaShonda remained on the fast track receiving her Bachelor’s in Applied Biology and Chemistry, while working fulltime at a pharmaceutical company she obtained a Masters Degree in Training and Development and Course Development.  Immediately after, she applied for a doctoral program, only to be told she was too young.  That didn’t stop her and LaShonda took business classes pursued opportunities in training, and truly cultivated the entrepreneurship passion closest to her heart. LaShonda has also tried her hand at a few franchising opportunities.

These diverse opportunities eventually paved the way for her personal and professional development.  So after careful consideration, she took a step out on faith, looked fear in the eye and left a steady 9-to-5 job during the economic downturn and played her hand at living her passion, and since then has never looked back.  Not to mention expansion, merger opportunities and other exciting projects in the works.

Others are definitely taking notice of her boundless energy, enthusiasm and drive, with LaShonda being featured as a Wharton Lead Council Lunch and Learn SpeakerBlack Woman’s Round Table Advisory Council winner, featured in SNAG Magazine, Women Who Launch, among other media outlets. This attention, her drive and determination to show the world how she handles business led her to consulting and training on a full time basis.

You can connect with LaShonda on her website,  Facebook,  and Twitter.

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Becky A. Davis – The Growth Accelerator Expert


Becky A. Davis, the growth accelerator expert, is a highly respected and sought after motivational speaker and a dynamic career and personal coach with a solid career development track record in corporate America. She founded and is President of MVPwork LLC, which offers professional and personal development and guidance to individuals, corporations and small business owners through coaching, training and motivational speaking.

Becky speaks on topics that offer personal development to create professional growth and success. She offers proven growth strategies that inspire clients and audiences to identify their passion, purpose, assess their skills and potential to construct a blueprint to reach their goals. She cultivated her coaching expertise during 20+ years in retail management where she advised Regional Vice Presidents, Training & Development, Human Resources and coached employees at all levels.


 In her last corporate position, Becky was Regional Vice President, responsible for Operations and Sales at Sears Optical, a division of Luxottica Retail. She has been featured in a number of publications for her contributions to women and entrepreneurs including The Network Journal, and Promoting Purpose Magazine. She has been recognized in Hope for Women Magazine as one of 25 women who inspire, a Women of Excellence by the Atlanta Gospel fest, and recognized as a Woman of Influence along with Actress Jasmine Guy, Journalist Soledad O’Brian and Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. She is also the author of “It’s OK to Be Great, Knowledge the Great Equalizer, It’s Not What You Do, It’s Why You Do It,” along with a self-help, leadership and spiritual books. Becky has been a radio personality and host.

Becky is an advocate for women and has founded a 501c3 non-profit organization called Leading in High Heels, which provides gently worn shoes to women of domestic violence and abuse.

Becky offers a number of services for Entrepreneurs, Organizations and Sports, which can be found on her website. One, of the many programs, that is very popular is her Peak Performance Growth Accelerator Program, with is a 4 week mini-course that will give you the tools needed to accelerate your growth.  You can also connect with Becky on Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and YouTube.

I asked Becky, if there was one thing you would share with an aspiring Womanpreneur and this is what she shared: “Effectively planning to launch will increase your confidence and results and reduce some stress, not all stress.”  There is wisdom here.  So make sure to connect with Becky A. Davis and MVPWork, LLC.


by Nika Corbett

Tonya Breland – TESO Consulting

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Tonya Breland is the CEO of TESO Consulting, Training and Tutoring where they are “Committed To Ending Student Failure!”  TESO offers students Excelerated tutoring, Test Prep and Professional Development Consulting.  All services are provided in a one-on-one teaching style that can be done live at home or virtually.  So, this gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and master the kills needed to advance in School, pass academic achievement tests and gain the needed direction in one’s profession.

Excelerate Tutoring over numerous options for learning.  Plans are set and designed for basic tutoring, for the student needing to get back on track in school, to plans that focus on enrichment for students looking to excel in school.  So whatever your learning needs are, TESO Consulting has a program just for you.  TESO Consulting believes in “creating a learning experience that is just as unique as you are! We offer a variety of programs and services that are customizeable and suited to meet your specific needs.”

If you would like to learn more about the services that TESO Consulting offers, you can set up a a FREE Consultation by calling 609-351-9701 or visit their website or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tasha M. Scott



Tasha M. Scott, Personal Development/Business Growth Coach, believes that women seeking to live out their dreams and fulfill their purpose can discover hidden treasures within by following four basic paths on the journey to “Becoming” more – in life and in business.

Over the past few years she has challenged, encouraged, and motivated women of all ages and various walks of life, to remove the mask, take responsibility, find their voice and move forward with more passion, freedom, enjoyment, and success.


Tasha, owner of Scott Realtime Reporting, LLC, combines lessons learned as a successful entrepreneur with a deep faith and love for family, to help today’s busy woman live an Unlimited Life, through her “Don’t Limit Me!” coaching program, live workshops, small groups, and a monthly column in “The Pride of Montgomery” magazine.

Through her popular blog on http://www.tashamscott.com, she regularly publishes tips and advice for living an unlimited life. She also provides women who understand that success is only limited by unlimited thinking, the instruction, guidance, and support needed to begin their personal journey toward becoming who they were created to be.

Scott says, “Through my writing, speaking, and coaching programs, I am on a mission to help women get more clients, make more money, and truly live their freedom.”

You can connect with Tasha on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  You can also see Tasha live at the “How I Regained My Self-Esteem” conference, where she will be speaking live on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

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Sherry Sims – Black Career Women’s Network

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It is such a pleasure to debut Sherry Sims, founder of Black Career Women’s Network, Career Coach and Speaker, Sherry Sims has a passion for helping professionals discover, focus and utilize their strengths to develop and  manage their careers.  After working 12 years in the Human  Resources industry as a Corporate Recruiter and HR  Generalist for corporations such as CVS Pharmacy, AT&T, and  AOL/Time Warner, she had a strong desire to make a career  change. “I wanted do something different, where I could take  all of my experience in HR and Recruiting and utilize it in a  different way.” says Sherry. When she made the transition in  2012 from Corporate Recruiter to Career Coach, she discovered a new passion for helping people strive for career  success, specifically Black Women.   

Inspired to create a network due to a lack of access to other  professional black women for peer support and mentoring in her own career; Sherry founded Black Career Women’s Network. The platform was originally established in 2008 through social media as a sounding board and forum to provide support, share experiences and career advice. ” In the beginning I did not work on building the network and it laid dormant for a long time. However, once I became a Career Coach, it took off and has been rapidly growing ever since.” says Sherry. 

She has expanded Black Career Women’s Network into a national organization with 35 online communities, exclusive list of Mentors, Coaches and Experts to further develop our members in addition to providing local support.  BCWN has been featured in online publications such as Black Enterprise.com, cosmo.com, madamenoire.com and forharriett.com.   Sherry also appears on Cincinnati FOX19 affiliate as a Careers Expert and was recently honored by Who’s Who in Black Cincinnati in January 2015.

Her Vision – Career Empowerment

“My vision for BCWN is to be an inspiring premier network that every African-  American woman can utilize to find  the level of support she needs to achieve her  definition of success within her career.  As professional black women, we can learn from  each other and we need this. I did not take a traditional  path to establish my  career.  I’ve experienced career setbacks during my journey, worked for bad  bosses,  back stabbing coworkers you name it! Then found career fulfillment later in life and that  is ok.  This too is part of my purpose for this network.  I want women to know there is  not a magic  formula for achieving success in your career.  However, armed with the  right strategies it’s never too late achieve your professional  goals.”

Finding Purpose

I want every black woman to find purpose however they envision it.  My favorite quote from a well known pastor, She says, “The life God gave you is larger than the life you’ve been living.” For me this quote is confirmation that I’m working in my true purpose and I hope this quote can motivate someone else to envision more for themselves as well.

You can also take advantage of the virtual training that’s available every Tuesday, Real Talk, Real Answers.  This is amazing network of women, doing some wonderful things.  Make sure to visit BCWN, on Facebook and Twitter.

BCWN will be hosting their 2015 National Conference on August 8, 2015 in Cininnati, OH, Registration opens SOON!!!!


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Christina M. Dukes – The “Success Manifestation Coach”



Christina Dukes believes that once someone discovers his or her purpose, they can establish their vision and through their own wisdom they can achieve success. For more than 10 years, Ms. Dukes has acted as a certified life coach, thought leader and visionary who strives to help others. She holds an MBA from Robert Morris University, which gives her a unique skill set to help business professionals looking for growth in their careers through spiritual guidance. As the CEO of her own marketing consulting firm, Idey Enterprises, Ms. Dukes specializes in business management, negotiations, construction administration and real estate sales. In fact, she is also a realtor who has met with success by following her own advice. Ms. Dukes lives by the motto, “Connect, engage, inspire.”



Idey Enterprises successfully strives in the co-creation of sustainable competitive advantage, driving clients to excellence. With this vision at the forefront of her firm, Ms. Dukes remains committed to gaining recognition as a respected global management consulting organization. She is proud to provide her clients with tangible tools to be successful in all lines of business. As she moves forward in her career, Ms. Dukes plans to build relationships with companies that are presently outsourcing so that she may assist in growing their businesses internationally.  Idey Enterprises offer a variety of programs for their clients, such as Brand Development to Human Resource Consulting.

If you would like to connect with Christina Dukes and Idey Enterprises, then you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Robyn Petrik – Copywriter



Robyn Petrik is a word-obsessed copywriter and poet. After spending eight years working in the corporate world, she decided there was too much adventure waiting in the world to be stuck in a 9-5 she didn’t enjoy most of the time. Now, she’s a self-employed copywriter, helping fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs connect with their dream clients through vibrant copywriting. Robyn works with you to write your website copy and social media updates to show off the very best of you and your business. When Robyn isn’t working with words, she’s most likely reading a young adult novel, baking cupcakes, or going out to eat with friends.


Robyn offer services, such as , Custom Social Media Content for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, Website content as well as Freelance writing for blogs, newsletters and other writing content.  So make sure you visit Robyn and see all her amazing packages available.  You can also connect with Robyn on her website, Twitter and Goggle+ pages.

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Clean Body Living – AmiCetta D. Clarke

 clean boddy

AmiCietta D. Clarke is a holistic health coach, speaker, writer, wellness advocate and entrepreneur.  She practiced corporate law for eight years in New York City and became a holistic health coach after she overcame myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune disease, through clean eating, reducing her stress and the environmental toxins in her life. She is passionate about educating other women about real food, healthy living and how they can support their body’s natural ability to improve their health. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is also an alumna of Cornell University and Cornell Law School. AmiCietta founded Clean Body Living, a holistic health coaching practice to help women with autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses on their journey towards a cleaner body — through awareness, body movement, clean eating, self-care and reducing all types of toxins (including environmental toxins) in her clients’ lives.


AmiCietta supports women with autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses who are ready to reclaim power over their health through the five principles of Clean Body Living — awareness, body movement, clean eating, self-care and reducing toxins from their lives. I teach women how to listen to their bodies, become more aware of what their putting on, in and around their bodies and identify what’s in their control that they can do to improve their illness. If you are ready for change, then you will want to take action and work with AmiCietta.  She offers Individual Coaching, Group Coaching as well as VIP Coaching.

If you would like to connect with AmiCietta and Clean Body Living, then you can visit her Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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