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I truely enjoy debuting wompreneurs who demonstrate persistence and resilience in life, which then transfers into their business.  La’Ticia Nicole is a true example of a womanpreneur with a vision and a mission.  As La’Ticia says, “I am just a girl from Detroit, MI who had dreams of success.” In 1992, she moved to North Carolina with $15, four outfits and a dream. The thought of being what others said she would become gave her the perseverance to gain admittance to Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. Her passion for helping people led her to transfer to Winston Salem State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors.

La’Ticia Nicole furthered her education by receiving a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. The two combined degrees allowed her to become an Executive Director in the long-term care industry thus accentuating her desire and passion for helping others. She credits her success to God, her mother, grandmother and a loving family who instilled strong morals, values and work ethics.

The term “entrepreneur” doesn’t begin to describe who she is. She is a giver. Her strong desire to empower, promote self-awareness and self-esteem throughout the community lead her to create the nonprofit organization Professional Divas, Inc. To exemplify her passion for giving, the vision God gave her to feed 1,000 people during the 2013 Thanksgiving season was exceeded above and beyond when 2,500 people were fed nationwide. Her public speaking platform, La’Ticia Nicole #SpeakLife, has allowed her to motivate others by simply speaking life into the dead areas that cause people to feel broken and angry. La’Ticia Nicole says, “My foundation is based on the word of God; and, it has been my strength to move forward in continuing to #SpeakLife to as many people that will listen.”

La’Ticia Nicole is also the author of #SpeakLife: Your Tongue Has the Power of Life & Death, which is a 100 day devotional for health, finances, relationships and more.  Get your AUTOGRAPHED copy today.  Not only is La’Ticia an amazing author, but she is also a the “Stop & Drop Evangelist,” where she brings power to the stage and people walk away ready to take on new levels of greatness.  So if you would like to experience La’Ticia Nicole live, then Book her today.  It doesn’t stop there…you can also have the opportunity to work with La’Ticia as well and receive the experience of her coaching expertise.  This is a true Womanpreneur who understands having multiple streams of income.


La’Ticia Nicole will be hosting a #SPEAKLIFE 2015 Celebration Conference, on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the Durham Convention Center.  You can get Tickets today and if you would like to be a vendor or sponsor, here is your opportunity.

So to connect with La’Ticia Nicole, you can see her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can also connect with her at her website La’Ticia Spekas.  Thank you La’Ticia for being an amazing Womanpreneur.

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Keep Me Tight – Shameeka Hunt

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Shameeka Hunt, CEO and Founder of KeepMeTight, is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children.  When Shameeka is not running her empire, she enjoys family time, vacationing, playing tennis and other fun activities.  Shameeka received her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech University located in Blacksburg, VA. She earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University located in Washington, DC. She also maintains an active Project Management Profession (PMP) certification from the Program Management Institute (PMI). Her work experience includes that of Electronics Engineering for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Systems Engineering and Technical Assistant for Booz Allen & Hamilton, and a Project Manager and Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL).

Not only is Shameeka a woman of greatness educational wise, but she is also creator of KeepMeTight®. KeepMeTight manufactures a compression undergarment called Hour Glas. It helps women gain a slender abdominal appearance and assists patients who are healing from abdominal surgical procedures in comfort while also providing back and posture support.  The Hour Glas is Made in the USA, made with natural materials, easy application, allows user to adjust to desired compression level, and is a supplement to one’s exercise and nutritional regimen.


Originally designed with women in mind, the Hour Glas’ reach has expanded to male clientele, and breaking into the medical, fitness and sports industries nationwide.

What could be better than having the desired look you want in the most troublesome area, while benefitting from a health and wellness perspective.

To get your Hour Glas visit KeepMeTight.  You can also connect with Shameeka and KeepMeTight on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  So make sure to reach out to Shameeka and place your order or set up a consultation.

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by Nika Corbett