– Angel Thompson

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Angel Thompson is the founder of, a positive parenting community blog and weekly devotional. This wife and mother of four began blogging about parenting as a way to become a better parent, inspire parents, and build a community of faith-focused parents.  On, you’ll find Parent Job Power Devotionals™, Angel’s personal stories, news stories, historical accounts, activities, and interviews with Featured Parents. was built on the belief that ALL parents shape the world, in one way or another, through their children.


Every Monday, Parent Power Devotional provides parents with reflections and a prayer that moves us closer to God. Each prayer begins with “God, give me power…”, and every prayer ends with “In Jesus’ Name” because there is power in His name. And I need all the power that I can get!And it is Angel’s hope that Parent Job will encourage parenting that puts our world in better shape.

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