Changing Minds Online – Dr. Aikyna Finch


Dr. Aikyna Finch, currently a University Professor, with more than 18 years of professional experience in the education, career management, and training sectors.  She’s earned her Doctorate of Management at Colorado Technical University.  She has masters degrees in Marketing Management from Strayer University, a Master of Business Administration in Technology Management and an Executive Master of Business Administration from Colorado Technical University. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Tennessee State University.

Dr. Finch has also published a wide variety of academic articles and conference proceedings, and has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to youth and adult education, e-Learning, and organizational human resource development. She is serving or has served as a committee member or reviewer for 19 conferences and journals, including the KCA Journal of Business Management; The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education; the International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance; and the International Conference on e-Learning.


Dr. Finch is the Co- Founder of Changing Minds Online is all about Personal and Professional development. You find shows on Empowerment, Mindset, Purpose and Goal setting to name a few. The show is hosted my co-hosted by Jessica Leichtweisz.  Every Thursday evening, at 9pm, you will find these amazing women hosting their Empowering Women Series on BlogTalkRadio.   Each week they bring powerful words of motivation and inspiration through the airs waves from different Women in Business.  You can tune in live by dialing 949-203-4763 at 9pm EST.

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Decadence Cupcakery – Tesa Porter

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Tesa Porter, is the CEO/Founder of Decadence Cupcakery, LLC. Baking is Tesa’s PASSION!  She’s been baking since she was 12 yrs old When her Grandmother was a caterer at the Blair House in Washington, DC. under the Regan Administration. The late President Regan loved her grandma’s apple pie! She later moved on to start her own catering business, and Tesa had the opportunity to work under her for 10 years learning and growing.  Her grandma has since passed on, but the love of baking continues with Tesa.


Decadence is a small, woman-minority owned, small business founded in 2011 that we are very proud of. They pride themselves on their commitment to providing a quality product, and exceptional service to their customers! Today they do not have a physical location, but they their online community by delivery only in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.

Decadence cupcakes is not just your ordinary cupcakes: their unique treats feature custom flavors such as S’mores, Blueberries & Cream, Strawberry-Banana and even savory Bacon & Eggs cupcakes; all  guaranteed to tantalize your taste-buds, and have you coming back for more! They’ve already sold thousands of their one-of-a-kind confections throughout the DC area. Decadence is characterized as the “next-generation bakery experience” because their ultimate vision is to design a different kind of bakery for their customers.  The vision of Decadence Cupcakery is to create a bakery-café hybrid, where customers are welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little coffee and conversation with their cupcakes. Maybe even conduct business, by utilizing free Wi-Fi access!  With their big goal in view, they are starting small and in doing so they are ready to up their cupcake game and share the decadent deliciousness of their confections with treat-seekers throughout the DMV from their very own… Mobile Cupcakery!! Right now they are in the process of gaining the funds needed to bring their mobile cupcakery a reality, and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on, the one of the largest crowdfunding platform for startups and small businesses.


If you would like to support Tesa and Decadence Cupcakery’s company fundraiser, please visit their profile using the link below:

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Lay’s Wasabi Ginger Chips Win!!!! – Congrats Meneko Spigner McBeth



The word is out Meneko Spigner McBeth is officially the winner of the Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest.  She created the amazing Wasabi Ginger Flavored chips, which flew off the shelves instantly.   Wasabi Ginger flavor got the votes over “Mango Salsa,” Cappuccino,” and “Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese.”  Wasabi Ginger gives you that “Wasabi Kick with a Snap of Ginger.”

So all know that this was no easy task to even make it to the top 4 flavors.  Reports have shared that the contest began in the United Kingdom, where Frito-Lay sells chips under the Walkers brand. Since then, it was launched in 14 countries before coming to the U.S. last year. Winning flavors in other countries include “Pizza” in Saudi Arabia, “Shrimp” in Egypt, “Sunday Roast” in New Zealand, “Pickled Cucumber” in Serbia and “Aline’s Caesar Salad” in Australia.

Meneko, is a Jersey Girl.  She is a registered nurse in Philadelphia, and will receive $1 million or a portion of a year in sales, whichever figure is larger.  What a great gift for this deserving family of 5.  So let’s continue the celebration, once the chips hit the shelves again.  It’s so exciting to know that the votes, #SaveWasabi, actually #SavedWasabi!!!!

Article Written by Nika Corbett, CEO/Founder 30 Days of Positivity/Entrepreneur Spotlight

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“Save Wasabi Ginger” Lay’s Chips – Meneko Spigner McBeth


It is with great pleasure to share the with you, the genius behind the famous, Lay’s Wasabi Ginger Chips, Meneko Spigner McBeth.  Meneko is a born and raised in New Jersey.  Meneko is a 13-year Temple University Hospital medical-surgical nurse in Philadelphia. She and husband Chris are nearing their nine-year wedding anniversary (the secret? Regular movie date nights!), and they have three daughters: 8-year-old Ingenue, 3-year-old Ilania and 2-year-old Ileigh. Meneko spends her time out of the hospital being mom, but every now and then she treats herself to her favorite meal, which inspired her potato chip flavor.

I am a true fan of the Wasabi Ginger Chips and I want them to be here to enjoy.  In order to see this come to past, I have been casting my vote, daily, 4 times per day, by texting WASABI to 24477…you can too.  The best part about saving this flavor, we will also have the opportunity to celebrate in Meneko’s potential winnings of $1 million!!!  What a great gift for a great creation!  Below are the ways in which you can cast your vote to help keep the Wasabi Flavor ALIVE!!!!

unnamed (2)

Meneko and her Wasabi Ginger Chips were featured on Good Morning America and other great media outlets.  Make sure to show your support for the Wasabi Ginger Chips and Meneko’s quest to the $1 Million Winnings.  You can follow the steps above through DoUsAFlavor Vote, Click WASABI GINGER, Twitter, using #SaveWasabi, Instagram, using #SaveWasabi or Text Wasabi to 24477.  You can vote up to 4 Times per Day.  So please support RIGHT NOW!!!  The Deadline for all entries for #SaveWasabi is October 18th, so we only have 9 days to make it happen!!!

Make sure to spread the word, by sharing with your friends and family.  Here is a great video to enjoy as well.  Together we can make it happen!!!

Article Provided by 30 Days of Positivity, Nika Corbett

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The Corner Print Shop – Terwana Brown

The Corner Print Shop - logo

Terwana represents the best of what makes an entrepreneur successful, in addition to being deeply rooted in her family, church and friends.”

-The Inspiring Women Project, Chestertown, Maryland

 Where there is no vision, the people perish; -Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Purposed to listen, write, and speak, Terwana has been a dreamer, visionary, and writer since she was in elementary school. She has grown to be a minister of the gospel, speaker and author, as well as an entrepreneur. Terwana opened the store front professional printing service, The Corner Print Shop in downtown Chestertown, in 2011. Additionally, Terwana and her husband are facilitators of Kingdom Marriage Ministry.

 Terwana is a witty, professional, and down to earth woman of God with a passion and love for children, women’s ministry and helping others.  She has crazy faith and believes wholeheartedly in the scriptures. One of her favorite sayings is “But God!”  Terwana stands firm on doing all things unto the Lord and serving Him with thanksgiving and gladness. She walks boldly in her testimony of being healed by faith from Lupus. She gives God all the glory and firmly confesses Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

The Corner Print Shop located in downtown Chestertown has a mission to serve the community. Their motto “if you can think it we can ink it speaks for itself”. TCPS specializing in making you look good in ink. The minority woman owned business began in owner Terwana Brown’s home in 1999. The name change took place in 2011 when Brown acquired a company that had been in business for 35 years. The Corner Print Shop offers business and personal copy, print, typing, and fax services. Services include services include customized programs, flyers, brochures, stationary, labels, business cards, envelopes, postcards, send/receive faxing, wedding & special occasion invitations, reply cards, and programs, web design, typing, bulk mailings, folding, binding, resume’ services, and more.

Please reach out to Terwana at The Corner Print Shop website, Facebook or directly at 410-778-3546.

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