Mama’s With a Spoon – Chef Mamie

Mama's with a spoon

Mama’s with a Spoon  is a full service off-site; family-owned Personal Chef/ Catering business located in Bergen County, N.J.
They specialize in Personal Chef services, family reunions, weddings, social events, business luncheons, birthday celebrations, grand-openings; any event where food and people come together. Mama’s with a Spoon’s mission at Mama’s with a Spoon is to provide each client with fresh food, creative menus, and stylish decor with a commitment to excellence in service, planning and food quality.
They truely believe in sharing their love of food.  Mama’s incorporates fresh ingredients; local seasonal food; and phenomenal recipes handed down from generation to generation. Straight from the Farm and right to your Table.  Through the love food Mama’s will be able to offer you and your guest a delightful, amazing and delicious experience.  Mama’s with a Spoon combines extraordinary food, soothing atmosphere and outstanding Old Fashion Southern Hospitality to create an unforgettable experience for their clients while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Just like being in your Mama’s kitchen. 
Chef Mamie says her zeal comes from her Mom, Bessie L. Thomas.  She put so much passion into everything that she cooked. Now it’s Chef Mamie’s turn to give you the finest, freshest & most flavorful meal that a Chef can serve. Chef Mamie has over 20 years of cooking experience.  She was trained at Bergen County Community College and Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, graduating with Honors.  She holds Certifications in Food Handling and Food Management.  So you will never have to worry if your selections are being handled with car and expertise.
Here are just a few of her self-created items that can be found on her website and Wholefoods.
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If you are looking for your next event or office party to be catered by a real, gifted Chef, then please reach out to Chef Mamie on Mama’s with a Spoon or on Facebook.  You will not be disappointed.
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Tomorrow’s Future Coaching and Consulting – Felicia Meadows

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Tomorrow’s Future Coaching and Consulting empowers young people to find their passion and purpose to live the life of their dreams. We work in collaboration with current school initiatives like the Common Core Standards to supplement college and career readiness initiatives.  We increase student engagement by helping students make real life connections between school and post-secondary options. Connecting school to the world of work enhances the relevance of school and engaging them in service learning opportunities that connect with career exploration, career planning and management. When students are able to make connections between school and the world of work, they tend to be more engaged.  Our mission is to empower young people to find their passion and purpose in order to create a plan to live the life of their dreams. We strive to help young people leave school with post-secondary aspirations that embody their passion and purpose.


Felicia Meadows, CEO & Founder of Tomorrow’s Future, is a Professional School Counselor with Prince George’s County Public Schools. She has worked in the field of education for more than 15 years and has experience at each level from elementary to high school. In addition to being a counselor, Ms. Meadows is also a Life Coach. She uses her skills and experiences efficiently to empower students, parents and other individuals to create fulfilling educational and life experiences, which embodies her motto “Step Up Your Life”.  Ms. Meadows earned her Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bowie State University and is currently pursuing Life Coach certification. She is available for workshops, seminars, coaching and consulting.

I am a single mother of three girls, Cearra (23), Charli (14) and Chaela (12). I have successfully helped my oldest daughter find her passion and purpose, and developed a plan for her dream.  Cearra completed her 90 Child Care Credit hours while in High School and has been working in the childcare field for the past several years. She is currently working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have honed into my two youngest daughter’s interests as well and find opportunities for them to engage in that are in alignment with dreams.

My signature workshop is “Dreams to Reality: Finding Your Passion and Purpose”. The interactive and engaging workshop is designed to help young people, aged 13-18, to find their passion and purpose and create a plan to help them fulfill their dreams. My programs include assessments, coaching and planning to help align their passion and purpose with attainable goals. I also available to present my workshop “Bullying 101: Mean Girls” as well as workshops on Interpersonal/Intrapersonal Relationships.

You can connect with Felicia Meadows on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by phone 301-678-3785.  Make sure to stop by Tomorrow’s Future Coaching and Consulting to see all the services that Ms. Meadow and her staff offers.

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Queens View – Dara A’Darah

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Queensview Creates is a offers services on photography, graphics and creative elements(small event coordination) to their clients. Queensview was developed by CEO & Founder, Dara A’Darah, in January 2014.  This fresh start business enjoys working with women entrepreneur, specifically those looking to brand themselves in the early parts of their business.  Queensview focuses on enhancing their clients current brand through customized packages; making sure every graphic, to their head shots to their events are all properly aligned with the same brand image.  Queensview is currently offering a great branding package, “Brand Your Buzz,” which is ideal for that womanpreneur that is looking for the professional headshot, with the right touch of glam.  The same upgrading Queensview can do for a head shot, they can also deliver in each area of your branding needs.


So I encourage to visit the Queensview site and become a fan and supporter this dynamic business.  You can also connect with them through Facebook and Instagram.  If you are ready to start your branding today, reach out to Dara directly, today at and take your business to the next level.

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MLM Maven of the Month – Helene Kirkley (Nerium International)


Helene Kirkley journey started the day before her second child, Gabrielle was born – it was December 18th,  2005 and her husband simply said he didn’t love her anymore and that he wanted out and he left.   Helene believed and knew God had a plan! She did not!

Helene had bee a stay at home mom for her son, Oliver and she was determined to do the same for her daughter, so her only option was Nannying – “having a British accent certainly helped – think Supernanny!!” She and her family eventually relocated from their marital home in Destin, Florida to Woodstock, Georgia, where she continued to nanny; But through it all, Helene still felt a need to have an outlet, outside of the daily routine, as well as a way to supplement her income.  Helene found herself trying a few different business opportunities, which were all great.  With her time at GoldMax, she learned a lot about working with all types of people and how important relationships are when it comes to building a business.

As mentioned earlier, God had a plan for Helene.  August of 2012, she was contacted by a salesperson from GoldMax about the Nerium opportunity.  This was at a time when her child support had completely ceased and she was now only depending on her income alone, but it wasn’t enough.   Helene said, “I flat out, almost yelled NO, I could not think straight, I was scared and panicking, adrenalin flowing, sleepless nights playing the what if game……the last thing I could consider was starting a business.”  It was after trying the product for 5 days, just so her up-line would stop harassing her, that she saw a difference in her skin and that this opportunity may be her chance for some significant income.  “ALL I was hoping and praying for when I said Yes to the Nerium opportunity was earning an I Pad for Oliver as couldn’t afford it, and extra $1000 a month, as that was no longer coming in child support.  Other people get Lexus cars, other people earn unlimited residual income, other people buy their parents homes and travel the world – but an I Pad and a $1000 looked amazing in my eyes.”  Helene did just that is so much more.

Today, just two years later, Helene now has an organization of over 750 fabulous representatives, happy best people ever; She has a brand new Lexus, 25 on her team also have their Lexus cars.   In May of 2014, Helene earned a $50,000 bonus, and she  just returned from a 5 star all inclusive free trip to Cancun, Mexico.  The most touching piece was that, in 9 years, Helene had been unable to go back to her home in England, due to finances-this Summer her daughter went for 8 weeks, and Helene finally went home for two weeks with her son to show them both their British heritage.  Amazing!

IMG_0001    IMG_0018Helene has done some amazing things with her business and would love to embrace you and show you how you can do the same.  For more information on Helene and Nerium Internation, you can connect on Facebook or you can send her an email  Feel free to reach out to her, she is more then willing to answer any questions you may have 404-578-4523.

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