Quick Meal Tip for Mompreneurs


As a Mompreneur with 3 Children and an amazing husband, days can be a bit busy.  My children are now at that age where they are involved in sports and activities.  My son is playing football, my daughter is a cheerleader, youngest is my active shadow and my husband is the football team’s head coach.  There is practice every day and we are non-stop.  So how can a mompreneur get anything done?  Well, I just wanted to share two items that I purchased this week, which really cut my time down in the kitchen.  I am all about shopping on a budget and spending more time as a mompreneur then a chef.

At Target, they were having a sale on two frozen items that are a staple in my house, chicken and fish.  I purchased, Target brand, “Market Pantry,” Four Cheese & Herb Seasoned Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast.  It was delicious and the bag came with about 10 pieces of chicken, enough for at least 2 meals for us.  What I liked most about this item was that you can put it in the oven, frozen, no need to thaw.  It only took 45-50 minutes in the oven, then done.  Now that is convenience.  Did I mention they were delicious?  I not only did I get the Four Cheese, but I also purchased the Garlic and Herb seasoned chicken as well.   The following day, I cubed the chicken and added to my romaine lettuce for a great tasting salad.  So I not only had a great dinner, but a fabulous lunch as well.


My second purchase was Simply Balanced Tilapia Filets.  This bag came with 6 large filets, unseasoned, and flash frozen.  For those who may not be familiar with the joy in flash frozen food, let me be the first to introduce you.  Each filet was packaged individually, so all I had to do was place them in water for 20 minutes and they were fully thawed and ready for seasoning.  I used a few ingredients for taste and put in right into the oven for 15 minutes.  They came out perfect and ready to eat.  Again, less time in the kitchen more time being a Mompreneur.


I hope these items are able to help you in the grind as a Mompreneur.  Feel free to share what food tips you may have for quick meals for the family.

Nika Corbett


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