Yvonne’s Heart

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Yvonne’s Heart, is a mentoring and transitional program for young ladies ages 12-17 and young women ages 18-30. Our goal is to assist young ladies through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to different phases of adulthood by providing mentoring, life skills training and coaching. Yvonne’s Heart partners with middle schools, high schools, colleges and churches to provide educational and life skills training to help young ladies develop advanced life skills, career potential and to improve their connections to advanced education. The program components include one-on-one mentoring, monthly group sessions, peer support, specialized workshop sessions and transitional services.

Through mentoring and transitional services, Yvonne’s Heart will empower, encourage and enable the young ladies we serve to achieve higher education, stable housing, employment and abuse-free relationships. To achieve this vision Yvonne’s Heart will focus on programs that meet our core values and mission, create safe environment that fosters growth and provide opportunities for the young ladies we serve to give back and become leaders in their communities. Our vision is to open our first transitional home by 2015.

Eboni Speight is the Founder and CEO of Yvonne’s Heart. She has a passion for mentoring and empowering women and young ladies. She is motivated to share her story of hardships to triumph with young ladies to let them know they can be exactly who they were always purposed to be! She believes in helping ladies see the value that already lives inside of them. In addition to her life as an elder, youth pastor, CEO, and CFO, she is first and foremost a wife to her husband Willie Speight of 13 years and the mother of two wonderful boys: Kalen (10 years old) and David (8years old).

You learn more about Yvonne’s Heart and the great things they are doing, please visit their website at www.yvonnesheart.org. You can also connect with Yvonne’s Heart through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also reach out to Eboni at Eboni@yvonnesheart.org

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Let’s continue to support our entrepreneurs. If you would like to be featured in our Entrepreneur Spotlight Blog, please reach out to us at 30daysofpositivity@gmail.com. You can also check out our Business Development Services. Let’s work together to make great things happen.

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